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Dr. Durrie has built a world class refractive surgery center which also houses a prominent ophthalmic research facility. Durrie Vision research complements Kansas City’s Life Sciences community as a partner in biological research. Dr. Durrie’s desire to always be at the forefront of technology has made him a leader amongst his peers. He has participated in over 150 clinical studies and has performed more than 50,000 refractive surgery procedures. Clinical trials are performed for pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and for comparative data. Durrie Vision also conducts our own research trials to continually refine and enhance the individual results for the patient.

To maintain their reputation as one of the world leaders in vision care and to expand their knowledge of this quickly growing field, the doctors and staff of Durrie Vision are continually studying the latest techniques, procedures and technology. Participating in one of the studies ensures that you will be receiving the most advanced vision correction available.

Currently enrolling patients in Research Trials

Qualifying for a study – In general, most studies require participants to be over 18 years of age, have had no previous eye surgery and in good general health. Each study has its own additional parameters for participation which are established during the preoperative exam.

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