Is LASIK right for you?

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No contacts. No glasses.
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Clear, effortless vision starts here. Find out if laser vision correction is right for you with a complimentary* Advanced Ocular Analysis, or AOA. Going above and beyond a traditional eye exam or LASIK screening, the AOA sets the foundation for exceptional visual outcomes with each patient’s long-term needs in mind. What to expect during the AOA: 

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    Step 1

    Advanced diagnostics

    The AOA uses cutting-edge technologies to provide a three-dimensional visualization and analysis of the entire ocular system.

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    Step 2

    Meet with a surgeon

    One-on-one time with a refractive surgeon to review your exam results along with their recommendations for a customized treatment plan.

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    Step 3

    Leave with answers

    Get answers to all your procedure, recovery, scheduling, cost/financing questions and more.

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