5 Questions You Should Ask Your Refractive Surgeon

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How You Can Prepare Yourself for Laser Vision Correction in Overland Park, KS

If you’ve relied on contact lenses or eyeglasses to bring your vision into focus for any number of years, you’ve had at least one thought about laser vision correction cross your mind. Usually those questions tend to be about whether you’ll qualify at all, how much it’ll cost you, and whether it’s worth it.

And those are questions that are easily answered via a quick Google search or by getting an evaluation from a refractive surgeon.

However, once you know you’re a candidate, it’s time to start asking specific questions before you ever commit to setting a surgery date. Consider these five very important questions to ask your prospective refractive surgeon before agreeing to laser vision correction of any kind.

How Do You Know I’m a Good Candidate for a Laser Vision Correction Procedure?

A qualified refractive surgeon should be able to explain in-depth all the rationale behind determining your candidacy for any laser vision correction procedure.

Whether you’re coming to Durrie Vision for refractive cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, or something else, we perform an Advanced Ocular Analysis (AOA) to determine whether you could benefit from one of our treatments.

An AOA gives us a clear picture of your refractive errors, overall vision needs, and any health concerns related to your eyes. We’re happy to walk you through test results, show you images of your eye, and explain how and why you see the way you do prior to laser vision correction.

If you visit a practice that cannot explain criteria for determination beyond a few nonspecific bullet points, you should get a second opinion at Durrie Vision.

How Much Experience Do You Have? What Are Your Outcomes?

Although newly-minted refractive surgeons and other doctors are smart and skilled, you don’t want to trust your vision to just anyone. You should always ask questions about your refractive surgeon’s experience with the laser vision correction procedure you’re planning to receive. Also be sure to inquire about their outcome statistics.

Don’t leave your vision up to chance; you should have proof of a solid success rate and evidence of expertise before you sign a contract for any vision correction procedure.

What Technology Do You Use During Laser Vision Correction?

Not all laser vision correction techniques are created equally, and you’ll want the latest procedure or none at all.

Ask your refractive surgeon about the technology they’ll use during your laser vision correction procedure. Is it the latest FDA-approved laser? Is the process considered the current best practice for improved vision?

Don’t undergo a decades-old procedure when more modern ones with improved outcomes are available to you at Durrie Vision.

What Type of LASIK Surgery Do You Perform?

This question goes along with asking about the technology in use during the laser vision correction procedure. If you’re specifically a candidate for LASIK surgery, you’ll want to ask about the types of lasers your refractive surgeon will employ.

Long gone are the days of manual corneal incisions and reshaping. Instead, a femtosecond laser creates the corneal flap, and the excimer laser does the reshaping.

If a refractive surgeon you’re considering still uses a microkeratome to create the corneal flap, then you aren’t getting the latest SBK LASIK surgery that you deserve. It’s the only way that Durrie Vision’s refractive surgeons perform the procedure because it’s proven to be the safest, most accurate, and most effective.

You also can ask about the lasers and equipment used in any laser vision correction procedure, and compare them to the industry standard and best practices. If they don’t align, don’t undergo eye surgery there.

How to Schedule a Consultation for SBK LASIK Surgery, Refractive Cataract Surgery, or Refractive Lens Exchange in Kansas City

To find out if you’re a candidate for the most up-to-date laser vision correction procedures, make an appointment for an Advanced Ocular Analysis at Durrie Vision, conveniently located in Overland Park.

Our team will evaluate your total eye health, condition, and vision, to determine which procedure is ideal for you. Our refractive eye surgeons are always happy to answer your questions – including these five important ones – and ensure you’re fully comfortable with your pending surgery before we ever put you on the schedule.

Call us at (913) 491-3330 or request an appointment online to get started. While you wait, take our self-candidacy test to learn more about which laser vision correction procedures may be right for you.