8 Things to SEE and Do in KC This Summer After Your Laser Vision Correction

photo of the nelson atkins museum with flowers and trees in the foreground

With Less Reliance on Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses, You Can Experience the City in New Ways

People with poor vision don’t always feel like they can participate in leisure activities at the same level as those with perfect eyesight. Clumsy eyeglasses, imperfect prescription sunglasses, and dry contact lenses seem to stand in the way of enjoying the fun.

At Durrie Vision, our patients tell us they want laser vision correction for a variety of reasons, but many of them include the ability to take part in hobbies and other activities they’ve longed to learn or join.

After their refractive surgeries, our patients can go on to enjoy lots of Kansas City activities. Because recovery times are short before you can return to your regular activities, you can start taking part in these fun activities as soon as the very next day – pending your surgeon’s approval!

Try your hand at these fun things to SEE and do in Kansas City this summer after laser vision correction, including SBK LASIK surgery, refractive cataract surgery, and refractive lens exchange.

Ride a Roller Coaster at Worlds of Fun

With your cumbersome eyeglasses, riding a rollercoaster was a big risk. Do you leave your glasses behind for the ride and be unable to enjoy the full experience of twists, turns, and upside-downs? Or do you risk losing your expensive prescription glasses so you can watch the world zip by?

After laser vision correction, you don’t have to worry. Get in line and hop on the coaster of your choice at Kansas City’s landmark theme park. (And don’t forget about Oceans of Fun for the hottest days of summer; be sure to ask your refractive surgeon at Durrie Vision about how to protect your eyes from water while swimming.)

Cheer for the Home Team at Kauffman Stadium

Leave behind your prescription sunglasses and wear the pair of your choice at the next Royals game in Kansas City. See home plate and the scoreboard with clarity after your SBK LASIK surgery or refractive lens exchange.

Vision Tip: After laser vision correction, you may experience some sensitivity to light, so plan ahead! Get tickets for seats on the third base-line side of the stadium to protect your eyes from the sun during afternoon games. The sun will set behind you, with the stadium itself blocking most of the sun’s rays.

Connect with Nature at Swope Park

Hike or ride your mountain bike around the trails of Swope Park, the crown jewel of Kansas City’s outdoor scene. Take in the beautiful views of nature, and don’t worry about your contact lenses shifting or drying out.

Hit the Links at Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course

If your glasses need tightening, they’re likely to shift when you take a swing, hindering your golf game. Take aim at Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course, open to everyone, after your laser vision correction procedure at Durrie Vision, where you’ll see every hole and sand trap with ease.

Learn How to Sew

Kansas City is full of opportunities to learn new hobbies, but if your up-close vision was lacking, or if your eyesight was cloudy because of cataracts, it made learning something new much more difficult.

After your refractive cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange, your improved vision will allow you to see the fine details in fiber arts projects at sewing schools like Hadley Clark, Rightfully Sewn, Zoelee’s Fabrics & Sewing School, and The Sewing Labs, all located throughout the Kansas City metro area. Beat the heat this summer; stay inside, and learn to sew garments and home decor items.

See a Show at the Starlight

If distance vision was a problem before your laser vision correction, you might have avoided Broadway shows and concerts at the Starlight Theatre, Kansas City’s much-loved outdoor performance venue. But your improved vision means you can enjoy the full schedule of concerts and musicals at the Starlight – or any other venue in the city.

Visit the Latest Exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

See the fine details in art and sculptures at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. You can get laser vision correction at Durrie Vision on Friday, and by the next morning, you could be ready for a museum visit. Don’t miss the current exhibition, and view favorite collections like the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park and architecture, design, and decorative arts.

Take a Class with the Institute for Historic & Educational Arts

If you love watching the craftsmen at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, why not try your hand at one of their trades? The Institute for Historic & Educational Arts offers seasonal classes in leatherwork, fiber arts, blacksmithing, woodwrighting, pottery, armor, and chain mail.

Classes take place at the Ren Festival grounds in Bonner Springs, and after your laser vision correction procedure, you’ll be ready to learn a hands-on hobby like these ancient traditions.

Do I Qualify for Laser Vision Correction?

It’s a question we answer every day for Kansas City area residents looking to improve their vision and free themselves from traditional corrective lenses. And we’re happy to answer it for you after our Advanced Ocular Analysis, a multi-part eye exam that creates a topographical map of your eye and provides a clear picture of your eye health.

Schedule your Advanced Ocular Analysis today – it’s completely free of charge only at Durrie Vision in Overland Park.