Any Time of Year Is a Good Time for LASIK

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Experience the Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery in Every Season

When you’re stuck with contacts or eye glasses, every season has its downsides. In winter, it’s fogged lenses and dry eyes. In summer, you never truly get to see while you swim. If you’re sick of your contacts and glasses, just name the season and there’s something to dread.

However, a LASIK procedure takes care of every season’s glasses and contacts challenges and replaces them with year-round benefits. The sooner you choose LASIK, the sooner you get to experience this procedure’s many benefits.

Our most common procedures only require a brief recovery time, with most patients returning to their daily routine after their one-day post-op appointment. Make this season the first where you don’t have to complain about your glasses or contacts ever again. Instead, experience better vision with the help of LASIK.

A Full Calendar Year of LASIK Benefits

There’s a logical reason for choosing LASIK eye surgery for every season. In their first year after receiving LASIK, patients discover more and more reasons why they’re glad they made the switch from their glasses or contacts.

Here are a few of the seasonal benefits that come with a LASIK procedure:

  • Winter: During the winter holiday celebrations, many patients enjoy a new look for holiday photos where they can finally shed their glasses and feel their best.
  • Spring: Contacts are like magnets for pollen and other allergens, making your seasonal allergies worse. LASIK patients enjoy the relief that comes with lessened allergy symptoms.
  • Summer: Going on a summer vacation is much more carefree when you’re not packing an extra pair of glasses, lugging contact solution and extra contacts, and worrying about whether you’ll be able to participate in all the fun that summer has to offer. Wearing sunglasses also becomes easier!
  • Fall: Allergies appear again in the fall, forcing those with contacts to relive the discomforts of spring – but not if you get LASIK.

In Fact, Every Day with LASIK Has Benefits

The benefits of LASIK eye surgery aren’t just seasonal. Any day of the week in any month of the year, you’ll find that your procedure provides several additional perks, including these:

  • Avoid daily annoyances: You’ll never sleep on your glasses again or search a dirty floor for contacts on your hands and knees.
  • Say bye to red eyes: If you’re tired of red, irritated eyes, LASIK offers relief from the pain and discomfort of contacts.
  • No more bent frames: It happens to everyone – your glasses just look a bit off. With LASIK, there’s no more bending and tweaking your frames to look your best.
  • Skip the morning and nighttime procedures: Every morning and every night, life doesn’t start until you’ve put in your contacts or searched your nightstand for your glasses. LASIK lets you wake up and naturally see your surroundings.
  • Driving at night: If you suffer from astigmatism, driving at night adds to your vision frustrations: you may see halos around headlights that only go away when you squint. LASIK treats astigmatism, so you can see more clearly at night when driving.

What About the Cost of LASIK Surgery?

The cost of contacts and glasses, including eye exams and accessories over a lifetime adds up to far more money than you might expect. LASIK eye surgery is a fraction of that cost. When you decide that you’re ready for a LASIK procedure, you can start using the money you budgeted for eye care toward the things you love, not the glasses and contacts that bother you throughout the year. Use our customizable calculator to see how much you’ll save when you get LASIK instead of relying on glasses and contacts.

At Durrie Vision, we make the cost of LASIK surgery even more affordable with these options:

  • Special financing
  • HSA and FSA fund payments
  • Discounts for family members, first responders, and military
  • Savings available for research participants
  • Other special promotions throughout the year

The Sooner You Book Your Consultation, The Sooner the Benefits Begin!

You don’t have to time your LASIK eye surgery to a certain time of year. The only time of year that’s perfect for LASIK is when you’re ready to leave your frustrations with glasses and contacts behind.

Start enjoying the benefits of a LASIK procedure right away by scheduling a free consultation with Durrie Vision, the premier team for LASIK in Kansas City. We use today’s most advanced diagnostic technology to help determine the procedure that’s right for your eyes.

Book your consultation online or call (913) 491-3330 to experience the world without contacts or glasses throughout the year.