Are Family Holiday Celebrations Better After Laser Vision Correction? Yes!

family holiday meal

Schedule Your Laser Vision Correction Procedure Now to Enjoy the Holidays Ahead

When you’re sick and tired of your glasses and contacts, it’s easy to imagine how much better life would be without them.

If you wear glasses, you’re tired of paying for new frames, and you’re tired of how fragile they are. If you wear contacts, you’re sick of how they feel, and you’re frustrated by how much of your morning and nights they take up.

You think about how many life moments would be more enjoyable if they didn’t involve stress about glasses or contacts, including the holidays. Holiday celebrations are some of the most important times of year for family and friends. When you choose laser vision surgery, you’ll be able to experience them more fully.

Durrie Vision offers many types of laser vision correction, depending on your needs, age, and eye health. Find out more below about the benefits of getting laser vision surgery, the cost of laser vision correction, and why booking a consultation before the holidays is the best gift you can give yourself this year.

Why You Should Act on Laser Vision Correction Before the Holidays

A laser vision correction procedure could change your outlook on the holidays ahead. Many of our patients at Durrie Vision have discovered the benefits of getting laser surgery during this time of year:

  • A new you: A fresh, new look without glasses to impress the friends and family you only get to see during the holidays.
  • Sharper, clearer moments: A chance to experience the excitement of children opening early-morning gifts without having to ask everyone to wait until you’ve put in your contacts.
  • Savings: If you’ve built up your FSA or HSA over this past year, you can use that lump sum to pay for laser vision surgery.
  • A gift to yourself: An opportunity to invest in yourself after all your hard work at your job during the year.
  • A fuller life: The freedom to participate in holiday recreational activities that you used to skip because of your contacts or glasses.

The type of laser vision correction procedure that’s right for you is within reach. Get your new look, fulfill your end-of-the-year goals, reward yourself, and live more fully when you book a consultation with Durrie Vision.

Find the Laser Vision Correction Procedure That’s Right for You

As you prepare to book your free consultation for laser surgery, you’re likely interested in which type of laser vision correction is right for you.

One of the best parts of choosing Durrie Vision is that our expert refractive surgeon determines this for you. All you have to do is schedule with the top-rated team for laser vision surgery in Kansas City. We lead the way in laser surgery by applying our knowledge, technique, and specialized treatment technology to determine the best fit for your eyesight.

Follow these five steps to determine which procedure is right for you to achieve clearer vision:

  1. Learn more about all the procedures we offer on our website.
  2. Try our self-candidacy test to get immediate information on what procedure could be right for you.
  3. Book your consultation with our Overland Park team.
  4. Ask questions at your appointment with our team.
  5. Book your surgery appointment before the holiday season.
  6. Ask someone to drive you to and from your quick eye surgery, and enjoy your holidays more fully.

While you don’t have to be an expert on the procedure that’s right for you, you can certainly be an expert on saving money when it comes to the cost of laser vision correction. Durrie Vision offers special financing options and accepts HSA and FSA benefits to cover the cost of your procedure. Now, you can spend more of your hard-earned money on a memorable holiday season that includes better eyesight. Try our savings calculator to learn just how affordable laser surgery at Durrie Vision can be.

Schedule a Consultation with the Leading Team for Laser Vision Correction

The holidays and the new year are just ahead, and that means fresh ways to live your life to the fullest. Invest in better eyesight, so you can enjoy your holidays the way you want to. And, because your results last, the benefits of laser surgery keep on giving well after the holiday lights come down.

Make every day a holiday from contacts and glasses when you schedule your appointment with Durrie Vision now. Contact us online to book an appointment, or call (913) 491-3330.