How Do Athletes Benefit from SBK Advanced LASIK?

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Elite Athletes and Weekend Warriors Can Up Their Game with LASIK Surgery

A quick online search will reveal that some of the most influential athletes in recent memory have undergone a LASIK procedure. Why? Because laser surgery is the superior choice for getting rid of glasses and contacts and improving eyesight during games and matches.

Gone are the days of donning unsightly “rec specs” or having to stop the game to hunt for a lost contact on the gym floor. Now, athletes who require vision correction can simply undergo a short procedure that has them back in the game in no time. These athletes experience more freedom of movement, a better range of vision, and less disruption thanks to the laser surgery.

The same can be true for you. If your favorite sports and recreational activities have ever been hindered by your glasses or contacts, you can benefit from LASIK surgery just like Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and Lindsay Vonn, who have all received laser surgery.

Durrie Vision is here to make your life on the court, the field, the pool, in the gym, or wherever you play more enjoyable, comfortable, and carefree. Below, learn more about the ways that LASIK surgery from Durrie Vision can change your athletic life.

SBK LASIK Removes the Distractions

If you wear glasses and you want to engage in physical activity, you have four options:

  • Hope your glasses don’t fall off or slide down your nose.
  • Wear a tight elastic strap to keep them on your face.
  • Purchase expensive rec specs.
  • Take your glasses off, and play or swim with blurry vision.

None of these options are desirable when you want to enjoy your favorite recreational sport. You risk getting your glasses smashed, not being able to see clearly, or feeling awkward and foolish.

Technology to keep glasses on your head while you exercise hasn’t gotten any better over the years. The discomfort is real. And if you’ve ever tried to switch over to contacts to avoid these annoyances, you may have noticed that your options aren’t much better:

  • Your contacts can easily fall out.
  • You run the risk of irritation and burning when you sweat.
  • You can’t get in the water without goggles.

The only logical solution is a LASIK procedure. LASIK surgery completely opens up the playing field for fun, adventure, and exercise. You won’t have a single limitation or distraction to worry about when you get rid of glasses and contacts for good.

SBK LASIK Frees You to Perform at Your Highest Level

When you’ve eliminated the distractions, you’ll enjoy physical activities so much more. You may not have realized the many ways that glasses and contacts hinder your performance. When you undergo a simple, affordable LASIK procedure, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • You won’t carry around that worry about your glasses or contacts getting in the way.
  • You can try new activities and take risks that you weren’t willing to attempt before.
  • You may notice that you used to compensate on your form, but now you have complete freedom to move as you wish.

Once you’ve had LASIK surgery, the benefits during recreation will become even clearer. Imagine a sense of physical freedom and the feeling that you can try whatever you want. That’s how you’ll feel after laser vision surgery with Durrie Vision.

Clearer Vision with SBK LASIK Leads to Better Performance

When you aren’t deterred by glasses and contacts, and you feel you can take athletic risks freely, your enjoyment of sports and recreational activities will increase. You won’t feel like you’re limited in subtle ways because you’re afraid of damaging your glasses or irritating your contact lenses.

The freedom that comes with LASIK surgery will make you feel like you’ve enhanced your performance while you play. It may even give you the competitive edge you’ve always wanted, but weren’t able to achieve. If you previously wore glasses, you may find that your range of vision has improved because you’re not limited to seeing within your frames.

Do More of What You Love by Scheduling a LASIK Procedure

When it comes down to it, the primary benefit of LASIK surgery is that you get to do more of what you want to do. Whether you hope to push yourself in the gym or you just want to get up and enjoy a holiday morning without worrying about holding everyone up with your contacts or having to put on your backup glasses.

Durrie Vision is here for the athletes among us, as well as everyone who feels like their glasses or contacts are preventing them from the life they want to live. To make the whole process even more beneficial, check out our savings calculator and financing options, that can make getting laser vision correction a no-brainer.

We look forward to providing expert LASIK surgery. Simply book a free consultation with Durrie Vision, and we’ll quickly get you scheduled for your procedure.