How SBK LASIK Eye Surgery Can Help You at Work and Elsewhere

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Laser Vision Correction Relieves Common Refractive Errors

Impaired vision, including because of common refractive errors like astigmatism or near-or far-sightedness, can affect how well you perform your job duties and personal hobbies. You’ve likely had to come to terms with the inconveniences of traditional vision correction, like glasses or contacts.

But laser vision correction can make your life easier and improve your performance at whatever you do.

Let’s explore a few daily tasks, including careers, that are more easily and successfully performed after a procedure like LASIK eye surgery. Then, think about what you do every day and ask yourself, “How will my life be better with improved vision?”

LASIK Eye Surgery Benefits Athletes

Athletes with refractive errors generally have two options for vision correction: prescription goggles or contact lenses.

Prescription goggles can be bulky, and although they are strapped securely around the head, can still be jostled out of place during contact sports. Similarly, contact lenses are easily dislodged or lost during the course of an athletic event. Without clear vision, it’s likely that an athlete won’t perform their best, and, unfortunately, that is a possible consequence of removable vision correction equipment.

Athletes who qualify for LASIK surgery will find that their corrected vision and rapid recovery time enables them to perform at their peak without worrying that their equipment will shift and make them miss out on important plays.

Laser Vision Correction Keeps Teachers Focused

Teaching is one of few professions that requires a near-constant shift in focus, moving from near vision to distance vision to middle vision at any given moment. Teachers sit in front of computers, work with students all over the classroom, and grade worksheets and exams. Such sight-intensive tasks make for tired eyes by the day’s end and require a multitude of vision correction tools.

Near-sighted teachers require glasses or contacts for distance vision; blue-blocker lenses in a separate pair of eyeglasses help relieve strain when computing; and prescription sunglasses for recess duty are a must! But with laser vision correction, teachers transition seamlessly between tasks and don’t need to spend a fortune of their income on a variety of eyeglasses to make their days go smoothly.

LASIK Surgery Helps Parents Care for Their Children

Infants and young children are known for waking up in the middle of the night seeking comfort, food, or a diaper change. Sleep-deprived parents pull themselves out of bed to care for their little ones, searching their nightstand for their eyeglasses in the process and taking up precious time.

But what if parents could simply get out of bed and head over to their child’s room without delay? Laser vision correction, like LASIK eye surgery, allows them to do just that. No longer will they fumble for their glasses in the dark or sleepily squint at the baby in an effort to see more clearly. In fact, many LASIK surgery patients see a marked improvement in their vision in just a few hours after their procedure, so caring for the baby in the middle of the night immediately becomes easier.

Engineers See With Great Clarity Thanks to LASIK Eye Surgery

Workers who rely on their vision to perform precision tasks or spend the majority of their time on the computer may be relieved to know that laser vision correction can free them from eyeglasses and the difficulties associated with them.

Although software engineers or design engineers may need to take a short break from their computer screens during their recovery, the end results are worth it: clarity of vision all day long and the ability to wear anti-fatigue lenses in non-prescription glasses as needed, without swapping back and forth.

Blue Collar Workers Get the Job Done in All Weather

One of the most difficult things about wearing glasses outdoors in cold weather and then heading back to the warm indoors for materials or a quick break is that the lenses fog up and interrupt tasks. Blue collar workers in particular may find that their eyeglasses actually interfere with their workdays – or get so dirty during the course of their duties that they need to frequently clean them throughout the day.

LASIK eye surgery, for those who qualify, allow construction workers, road crews, and landscapers to see clearly completely unaided, without the distraction of filthy eyeglass lenses, shifting frames that slide off their noses, or the unrelenting issue of fogging up as temperatures change.

Not only is laser vision correction a convenience, but it’s also an important part of being safe; with consistently clear vision, workers can remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

Other Laser Vision Correction Procedures

Through an intensive exam, a refractive eye surgeon can determine whether you qualify for LASIK eye surgery. But if you don’t, you may be a good candidate for another procedure, such as refractive lens exchange, refractive cataract surgery, advanced surface ablation PRK, or SMILE vision correction.

Each refractive surgery has its own set of qualifications, and through our exclusive Advanced Ocular Analysis at Durrie Vision, our team can determine which is best for you and your vision goals.

How to Find Out If You Qualify for Laser Vision Correction

To learn if you’re a candidate for a laser vision correction procedure, you’ll need to make an appointment for a free consultation. Durrie Vision serves the greater Kansas City area from our convenient location in Overland Park. All you have to do is request an appointment online, and while you wait, complete our self-candidacy test to learn more about the procedures you might qualify for.