How to Set Up Your FSA to Pay for LASIK By the End of the Year

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Your FSA Can Be Used for LASIK. Here’s Where to Start.

It is easier than ever to pay for LASIK. Durrie Vision offers several opportunities to fund or finance your LASIK eye surgery, so you don’t have to worry about a price tag holding you back from the benefits of this fast, easy procedure.

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to take advantage of laser surgery at Durrie Vision is to use your flexible spending account (FSA). If you’re unfamiliar, your FSA is an account you can set up as part of your employment benefits package, toward which you or your employer contribute pre-tax dollars. You can use your FSA debit card to pay for eligible expenses throughout the year.

This allows you to spend money, completely tax-free, on healthcare expenses that aren’t covered by your insurance, including a corrective vision procedure. Keep reading to find out how you can use your FSA account to fund vision surgery, so you can enjoy life contacts- and glasses-free.

How to Set Up Your FSA to Pay for LASIK

An FSA can only be set up through your employer. If you don’t already have an FSA, you can begin one during your company’s open enrollment period, if your employer offers one. At that time, you can choose how much of your pre-tax pay you’d like to have contributed to your FSA, up to your employer’s limit.

If you already have an FSA, you can only change your contribution amount during the open enrollment period, although qualifying life events may also allow you to change your contribution. For example, if you get married or have a child, you can increase or decrease your contributions at that time. We recommend that you check with your human resources department with further questions about making changes to your account.

One of the most convenient aspects of using an FSA is that you can use the funds for qualifying products or services (such as LASIK eye surgery) for your spouse, yourself, or your children. A child over the age of 18 who is still a tax dependent also could potentially use your FSA for LASIK.

Whether you want laser vision correction for yourself or a loved one, using your FSA to help cover the cost makes a highly desirable procedure even better.

Save on LASIK with These FSA Tips

If you’re thinking of scheduling vision correction surgery, consider these three strategies to use your FSA to pay for LASIK:

  1. First, look into Durrie Vision’s financing options. You can finance your LASIK eye surgery at 0% interest over 24 months with no down payment. After your surgery, you can reimburse yourself from your FSA account during the same calendar year as your surgery. All you need is your itemized receipt from Durrie Vision.
    This strategy helps you to schedule your consultation and surgery this winter, and pay manageably over the course of a year. You’ll completely cover your financing at a faster rate than if you tried to use your savings after taxes.
  2. Do you have FSA funds from last year? Depending on your plan, you may have until March 15 to roll over up to $640. Keep in mind that this is a grace period, and after this time, you’ll lose that money. Apply for your financing right away, and you’ll start the year off with the benefits of LASIK and a significant chunk of your surgery already paid off. Check with your employer, as grace periods can vary by FSA plan.
  3. At Durrie Vision, we know how pleased our clients are with the many enduring benefits of laser eye surgery. We also know how irritating glasses and contacts can feel in that final stretch before you finally decide to get laser vision correction.
    However, if you decide to wait on your surgery for now, and you want to skip financing, you can save your pre-tax FSA dollars throughout the year and pay for your laser surgery in full. We’ll be here, ready to ensure you have an outstanding experience at our office.

Clearer Vision Is Here: Schedule LASIK at Durrie Vision and Use Your FSA

The savings don’t end with our financing and using your FSA for LASIK. Durrie Vision makes special promotions available to clients. You only have to ask when you call to schedule your consultation.

In addition, checking out our savings calculator gives our patients peace of mind about the savings they’ll experience when they pay for LASIK and never have to buy frames or contacts. The savings add up fast.

We look forward to having you in our office for your free LASIK eye surgery consultation now or in the future. Feel free to contact us online or call Durrie Vision at (913) 491-3330.