LASIK Surgery Statistics

Lasik surgery

A quick look at some LASIK statistics is a great way to help decide whether to pursue laser eye surgery in Kansas City. As a premier Kansas City provider of LASIK, the surgeons at Durrie Vision are always educating themselves about the latest on LASIK and other refractive eye procedures. 

LASIK statistics overwhelmingly show a safe, effective, and well-loved procedure chosen by millions across the world. 

LASIK has an extremely low complication rate

The LASIK complication rate is only about 0.3%, one of the lowest of any elective procedure. Most complications that result from LASIK can be fixed or treated easily, but at Durrie we rely on our Advanced Ocular Analysis to keep our complication rate even lower. By having the most complete picture of the eye and eye health, we can avoid performing LASIK on patients who are more likely to have complications. 

LASIK accounts for 96% of refractive surgeries

As a testament to its effectiveness and safety, almost all refractive surgeries performed in the United States are LASIK procedures. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism are the most common refractive errors treated through LASIK. 

LASIK saves money in the long term

The up front cost of LASIK is certainly more than a new pair of glasses or contacts. However, freeing yourself from the burden and cost of glasses and eye exams for years to come adds up fast. We have a cost calculator that helps you see how much you can save in the long term. Patients in their 40s save an average of $10,000 over time.  

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