Looking Forward: How Corrective Vision Surgery Will Help You Enjoy the Spring and Summer Ahead

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Durrie Vision Is Booking Free Consultations for Laser Vision Correction Now

When you get laser vision correction surgery, the obvious rewards appear right away: you get to live your life without your contacts or glasses. This means no more trips to the pharmacy aisle for contact solution and no more bent or dirty frames.

However, the perks don’t stop there. SBK Advanced LASIK eye surgery and our other vision correction procedures provide more benefits than you initially expect.

Read on to find out what’s in store for you when you schedule your consultation with Durrie Vision, the leading provider of laser vision correction near you.

You’ll See Spring and Summer Differently with Corrective Vision Surgery

Spring and summer offer prime opportunities for exploring, vacationing, getting more active, and enjoying the sunshine. It may not be until after you’ve had SBK Advanced LASIK eye surgery or another laser vision correction procedure that you really find out what you’ve been missing during this time of year.

Here are four major benefits of getting laser surgery before the spring and summer seasons arrive:

  1. Freedom on vacation: Now you can forget about packing contacts, contact solution, and backup glasses for your trip. You won’t miss out on snorkeling, swimming, and other water activities because of your required eyewear, nor will you have to rely on your one expensive pair of prescription sunglasses. Instead, you can pack a pair that’s in style every season. You get to do what you want to go and see what you want to see without the hindrances of contacts and frames.
  2. No more allergy discomfort: If you’re a contact lens wearer, pollen and other allergens stick to your contacts, exacerbating your allergy symptoms and causing itchy, watery, painful eyes. You thought contacts were bad enough when allergy counts were down, but during the heavy allergy seasons, contacts can be unbearable. Avoid the itch and discomfort of contacts forever with laser vision correction.
  3. Getting active: If you’ve ever tried to wear glasses while exercising, you’re all too familiar with glasses sliding down your face, getting knocked off, or otherwise getting in the way of your concentration on a good workout. You simply can’t reach the level of consistency you want when you’re disrupted by your frames, nor do you want to wear the dreaded “rec specs,” which are bulky and uncomfortable. Now you can enjoy spring and summer fitness without your glasses getting in the way.
  4. Refunds are on the way: Spring is tax season, and soon after may receive your tax refund. This is an excellent way to finance part or all of your laser eye surgery. Durrie Vision’s savings, including special financing, already make vision correction affordable, but now you’ll have additional funds on the way to pay for a procedure this winter. Once you’ve put your refund to your eye surgery, you’ll also get to pocket the cash you normally spend year-round on contacts, brand-new glasses, and all the necessary accessories that go with them.

To experience these benefits and more, schedule a consultation with Durrie Vision for laser vision correction near you. We ensure you understand everything you need to know about our simple, fast procedure, and we get you scheduled fast, so you can experience a glasses- and contacts-free spring and summer.

Book Your Corrective Vision Surgery Consultation with Durrie Vision Today

Durrie Vision makes it easy for our patients to see why our laser vision correction procedures, including SBK Advanced LASIK eye surgery, are a wise decision for people who wear glasses and contacts.

  • Our doctors are caring, committed, and highly respected in their fields.
  • Our procedures use state-of-the-art treatment technology and the latest advancements in refractive surgery.
  • Our office and team members are welcoming, inviting, and comforting.
  • We offer financing to affordably enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery.
  • Our savings calculator helps you understand the deep savings associated with laser surgery compared with contacts or glasses.
  • We make it simple and easy to use your FSA or HSA accounts to fund your procedure.

Book your consultation with Durrie Vision now to experience all that laser vision correction has to offer. You won’t just enjoy your procedure during the spring and summer. A whole lifetime of experiences await you when you finally decide to get rid of your glasses and contacts once and for all.