Life after LASIK: McKensie Dopps

Meet McKensie, a benefits advisor from Kansas City. When she’s not helping clients, you can find her golfing, painting, volunteering, or playing with her adorable nieces and nephews. Where won’t you find her? Fussing over her contacts in the morning…those days are behind her. Here’s her story:

Vision Background

I began wearing glasses in 3rd grade and ‘upgraded’ to contact lenses a couple years later. When I first started wearing contacts, my eyes seemingly never fully acclimated as they were a constant source of discomfort and irritation. My optometrist and I tried everything we could think of, such as different solutions and methods throughout the years. I tried various styles of lenses from disposable two-week lenses to daily disposables. No matter what I did, my eyes always felt grainy and irritated when wearing contact lenses. That lasted 19 years.

Enough’s Enough

At the age of 29, I finally decided to break up with my contact lenses! Simply put, wearing glasses and contacts was inconvenient. I struggled with allergies, which made my experience wearing contacts even worse; I was required to touch my eyes multiple times a day, which only led to further irritation. It got to a point in which it was affecting my day-to-day life. I was purchasing a new box of contacts each month and realized I could easily eliminate that cost and after several years, LASIK surgery would pay for itself, and I’d eventually begin to save money.

Why I Chose Durrie Vision

I had consultations at three different facilities, but ultimately went with Dr. Timothy Lindquist at Durrie Vision for the procedure. There, I was so impressed because not only did the surgeon himself do the consultation, the facility, the staff, and the technology was unlike any other. What I enjoyed most about my experience goes far beyond them providing me with a life-changing solution that has improved not just my vision, but my quality of life. The procedure itself was a piece of cake, taking no more than 10 minutes. Dr. Lindquist is a phenomenal surgeon, and I’m forever grateful. My vision is awesome and it keeps getting better and better and better.

Five Things I’m Loving about Life after LASIK:

1. Being able to wake up and see…seriously amazing.

2. Eliminating the constant anxiety and fear while traveling…. the ‘what if I run out of contacts?’ feeling.

3. Financial savings, long-term.

4. No more irritation.

5. Improved quality of life – total game changer!

I’ll be honest, I never actually calculated the break-even point for the cost of my LASIK surgery, because I don’t care… The quality of my life after LASIK is SO significant that I would’ve paid double or even triple the amount because it’s truly that incredible.

Thank you, Durrie Vision for forever changing my life!!!