Nearly Anyone Can Benefit from LASIK Surgery at Durrie Vision

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LASIK Eye Surgery Helps Present a New You While Avoiding the Hassles of Glasses and Contacts

If you’ve worn contacts or glasses in the past, you might be considering a LASIK procedure to permanently resolve your vision issues. If you’re tired of constantly having to rely on contacts or glasses – and all the expenses and challenges associated with them – you may be a perfect candidate for a consultation with Durrie Vision.

Our signature procedures can help you shed your glasses and contacts and experience all of the benefits of corrective vision surgery. LASIK’s recovery time is fast; it’s more affordable than ever; and this procedure offers significant – and perhaps unexpected – benefits for all ages.

LASIK Surgery and Your Corrective Vision Prescription

When you book a consultation with our refractive surgeons at Durrie Vision, you can find out whether you’re a candidate for corrective vision surgery, including LASIK eye surgery. Keep in mind, you have to be at least 18 years old to get LASIK surgery because younger patients haven’t yet reached prescription stability (or “ocular maturity”).

If you’re past the age of 18, you may begin noticing that your prescription isn’t changing as rapidly as it did previously. When this stability occurs, you’re ready to experience the benefits that LASIK surgery offers, starting with the fact that LASIK recovery time is about 24 hours. Our specialists at Durrie Vision can schedule you for LASIK procedure on a day that’s convenient for you.

Say Goodbye to Keeping Up with Glasses Trends and the Annoyance of Contacts with LASIK Surgery

One of the greatest freedoms provided by LASIK eye surgery is that you don’t have to deal with glasses or contacts any longer. While glasses or contacts may have seemed appealing at first, you might be ready for a LASIK procedure because of the following inconveniences and annoyances that come with contacts and glasses. These challenges include:

  • Keeping up with the latest glasses trends – one year, thick frames are in; the next thing you know, wire frames are in, sending you back to the optometrist for new frames.
  • You’ve accidentally fallen asleep on your glasses, scratched them, bent them, or done some other form of damage that ends up being very costly – just because of a simple mistake.
  • Whenever you pack for a trip, you have to remember to bring your glasses, your case, a back-up pair just in case, and your big box of contacts and solution.
  • The cost of glasses and contacts over the years seems overwhelming. Check out our affordability calculator to determine how much you’ll end up spending on glasses or contacts in the years to come.

If you’re not able to wear contacts, you might feel like you’re stuck with glasses, even though you don’t really like how you look in them.

A premier LASIK procedure performed by Durrie Vision’s team of experienced refractive eye surgeons can take all these irritations, annoyances, and obstacles out of your way. LASIK’s recovery time and affordability make this a desirable solution for patients of all ages who are looking to make a change. Now, you can finally put your glasses in a drawer, and throw your bottle of contact solution in the recycling bin.

LASIK Surgery Opens the Door to a New You

Many patients explain that they chose LASIK eye surgery because they were ready for a fresh start. A LASIK procedure can change your look and style and give you newfound confidence and freedom. At Durrie Vision, we love seeing our patients smile when they witness the transformative power of LASIK surgery. What’s more, this transformation doesn’t have to end with your procedure.

Many patients explain that it’s much easier for them to be physically active when they don’t have to worry about their contacts and glasses. They can swim, run, bike, play in a basketball league, and try many other recreational activities because they don’t have to worry about glasses and contacts that prevent them from joining in.

Imagine loving the way you look without glasses while improving your fitness, mood, and confidence with more physical activity. Suddenly, the benefits of corrective eye surgery – outside of the simple recovery time from LASIK – add up to far more than you ever expected.

Live Your Best Life Now: Book a LASIK Surgery Consultation with Durrie Vision

If you’re ready to ditch your glasses and contacts and experience the many benefits of LASIK eye surgery, look no further than Durrie Vision. Our team of highly experienced refractive surgeons ensure a seamless procedure that is highly beneficial for many patients.

We offer a free consultation (our Advanced Ocular Analysis) to determine what LASIK procedure is right for you. We’ll walk you through what to expect throughout the entire process to ensure you feel comfortable, confident, and excited about this big change. During this consultation, you can also learn more about our special financing options, as well as how to plan your brief recovery time from LASIK surgery.

A decision to include LASIK could be instrumental in helping you save money, get active, and feel like you’re putting your best foot forward. To schedule your free consultation, send us a message online or give us a call at (913) 491-3330.