Should You Use Your Tax Refund to Pay for Laser Vision Correction?

tax return to pay for LASIK

Your Vision is Worth The Investment – and There are Many Ways to Pay

If you add up the amount of money you’ve spent on traditional vision correction – think eyeglasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, lens cleaners, and more – and how much you anticipate to spend in your lifetime, it’s likely that it’s more than the cost of a laser vision correction procedure like SBK Advanced LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, or refractive lens exchange.

That’s just one reason why it’s a shame that laser vision correction isn’t covered by your vision insurance.

But people who are ready to change their lives and improve their sight with laser vision correction still have options for funding their eye surgery at Durrie Vision in Overland Park, Kansas.

Using Your Tax Refund for LASIK Surgery

If you’re anticipating a refund on your state or federal taxes for the 2021 tax year, you might want to think about setting it aside to put toward your laser vision correction at Durrie Vision.

Talk to your CPA or tax professional to learn whether you can expect a refund. If you are, make an appointment for an advanced intraocular analysis to determine whether you’re a good candidate.

Once we determine which laser vision correction surgery is right for you, we’ll work with you to schedule your procedure for when your refund arrives.

Signing Up for Financing

At Durrie Vision, many of our patients apply for and receive a special credit card with a limit adequate to cover the cost of their surgery.

This financing is for medical purchases and costs, including laser vision correction. And with promotional offerings, you could finance your eye surgery through one, and not pay any interest for two years, should you choose the option.

If you opt to use this financing method, you’ll need to apply and get approved at home or apply why you’re in our office. It can take a couple of weeks to receive your card once approved, so we recommend applying in advance of your surgery so that you’re prepared.

We’re happy to provide you with an informative brochure when you come for your advanced intraocular analysis.

Use FSA or HSA Funds

If your employer offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can pay for your laser vision correction procedure using the funds you saved up throughout the year.

To know how much money to save, you’ll want to talk to one of the eye surgeons at Durrie Vision to determine whether you qualify, and then divide the cost of the surgery by the number of paychecks you receive. This is the amount you’ll want to set aside each pay period to cover the cost of your surgery.

Using Your Savings for Laser Vision Correction

If you’ve been planning on getting LASIK surgery or a similar procedure for the past few years, you may have had time to save up money toward the cost. If you’re able, this is a great way to pay for laser vision correction.

The Payment Bottom Line

Only you – and perhaps your accountant – knows the best way for you to fund your laser vision correction procedure. We invite anyone interested in one of our vision surgeries to thoroughly look into all their options to find a form of payment that they’re comfortable with.

Better Vision is in Reach

LASIK surgery, refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery, and other laser vision correction procedures don’t have to be cost-prohibitive for you. At Durrie Vision, there are many ways to pay for your vision correction procedure, and we’ll work with you to accept as many forms of payments you need.

To learn whether you’re a candidate for one of the many forms of laser vision correction we offer, request an appointment for our advanced intraocular analysis, a seven-step examination that gives us in-depth insight into your eye health and condition.

This extensive information allows us to make medically-informed recommendations for the procedure that’s right for you.

When You’re Approved

If, after the Advanced Ocular Analysis, we’ve determined you’re a good candidate for a procedure, we’ll talk to you about what you can expect from the eye surgery and review your options for payment and scheduling.

If you realize later you have questions, we’re ready and available to answer them for you to help you feel comfortable with your decision to pursue improved vision. The day of your appointment, our team will take care of you from start to finish; our patients leave our office feeling excited about life’s possibilities with improved vision.

Come see why Durrie Vision is different. Make an appointment for your advanced intraocular analysis today.