What Happens During Your Three-Month Follow-Up Appointment After LASIK Surgery Near Kansas City?

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For Most People, It’s the Last Visit After Recovering from Laser Vision Correction

Jen, a patient at Durrie Vision, underwent our SBK Advanced LASIK procedure on January 7, 2022. This is part two of her personal story about her experience with laser vision correction and her outcome. Read the first part for more details.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to push my glasses back on my nose, or take them off before reclining in bed.

That’s how well my laser vision correction went: my vision is the same, if not better, than it was when my super-strength glasses were responsible for correcting my eyesight.

And now that I’m three months out from SBK Advanced LASIK surgery, I’m really enjoying the benefits of clear, totally-unaided 20/20 vision, 24 hours a day.

I recently completed my three-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Grosdidier, the optometrist on staff at Durrie Vision. Dr. Grosdidier is responsible for providing pre- and post-operative care on the clinical side of the practice.

Here’s how my appointment went.

The Eye Exam, Three Months After Laser Vision Correction

I’ve needed traditional vision correction of some kind for the last 24 years for nearsightedness and astigmatism, so I’ve had plenty of eye exams over the years. Dr. Grosdidier performed this eye exam much like all the others I’ve experienced.

I sat in the exam chair while he checked my vision using the logMAR eye chart – the screen with all the letters that get smaller, line-by-line – and used the phoropter to determine what my lens prescription would be – if I needed one!

He also examined my eye with an autorefractor, the machine that measures how light changes as it enters your eye. Knowing when the image appears on your retina inside your eye can provide a measurement of refractive errors. (Good news: I don’t have one!)

As he performed the exam, he checked on the condition of my corneas. He could see that my corneal flaps made during the LASIK surgery were neatly healed.

A Tip for Relieving Dry Eyes After You’ve Healed Laser Vision Correction

As expected, Dr. Grosdidier noted that my eyes are still pretty dry after my LASIK surgery. That’s completely normal at this point, so he advised me to continue using the preservative-free tears that I began using the day of my surgery.

He also taught me a technique to help naturally moisten my eyes, by gently massaging my lower eyelids to release oil from the meibomian glands, which are situated in the edges of the lower lid. This oil coats the surface of the eye to help keep tears from evaporating. (Remember to wash your hands beforehand!)

What Happens Next?

For most people, the three-month check-up is the final appointment after laser vision correction like SBK Advanced LASIK surgery. Other procedures – like refractive lens exchange and refractive cataract surgery – have different recovery times and follow-up requirements, so be sure to talk to your refractive surgeon about what to expect.

No matter which procedure Durrie Vision performs, they encourage all their patients to schedule an appointment a year post-operation, in order to make sure you still have incredible vision. It’s also best to schedule annual exams to monitor your overall eye health.

Now, I get to enjoy clear vision, without the need for my glasses, thanks to the expertise of the eye surgeons and those amazing lasers at Durrie Vision!

My personal next step was to gather up all my old eyeglasses and donate them to the local chapter of the Lions Club. The donation closed the metaphorical book on my life with poor vision.

Find Out If Laser Vision Correction Is Right for You

One of the reasons I chose Durrie Vision was because of their extensive offering of laser eye surgeries; I thought I must be a candidate for at least one of them. I also chose Durrie Vision because of their experience in laser vision correction research and their role in developing the SBK Advanced LASIK procedure. For me, my top reason for going to Durrie Vision, however, was their Advanced Ocular Analysis, or AOA.

I had inquired about laser vision correction at other practices over the years, and too many were quick to qualify me without any exams beyond the typical. But at Durrie Vision, the AOA is an in-depth examination that tells the whole story of your vision and eye health.

If you want to know if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction, make an appointment for an AOA at Durrie Vision. It’s a totally free consultation, where you’ll meet with a refractive surgeon to learn more about your vision correction options. For a sneak peek at what you might qualify for, try their online self-candidacy test. Then, schedule your consultation on the website, or by calling (913) 491-3330.

It’s time to ditch your glasses – make the call!