What You Should Know About the Price of Laser Eye Surgery

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Durrie Vision States the Facts About Laser Eye Surgery in Kansas City

There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel when you get LASIK or another vision correction procedure. You get to experience clearer vision 24/7, not to mention a simpler morning routine, less annoyance when you travel, and absolutely no contacts-related eye discomfort. And yet you still see many people wearing eyeglasses or complaining about their contact lenses. This begs the question: why don’t more people get laser eye surgery?

One simple answer is this: people misunderstand the cost. Those who need vision correction assume that laser surgery is too expensive. However, they’d be wrong. In fact, getting laser eye surgery near you is a cost effective and affordable solution, and that’s without listing every other benefit this procedure provides.

Let’s clear up the misleading information you may have heard, so you can understand the facts and learn how to schedule a procedure with Durrie Vision.

Consider Laser Eye Surgery Value Versus Cost

It may be easy to make your decision to get laser eye surgery based on numbers alone, but the value of your surgery goes far beyond the actual cost.

To understand the difference between cost and value, consider this from another angle. Say you bought a piece of antique china for $300. While the upfront cost may seem expensive to you, the value of the china – meaning what it’s worth in the long run – could be in the thousands. In that case, the $300 “splurge” ends up being a great investment.

The same thing is true with your eyes. When thinking about the value of laser eye surgery, cost is not the only consideration. It’s also about what you get out of the surgery. Ultimately, you’re investing in your vision, overall eye health, and lifestyle.

At Durrie Vision, we’ve found that after patients are able to see and understand just how a procedure could impact them in the future, most believe the long-term value outweighs the short-term cost.

Here’s How You’ll Save and Benefit from Laser Eye Surgery

You’re not only investing in clear vision, but you’re also taking care of your overall eye health. You’re also gaining an easier, hassle-free lifestyle that includes being able to do all the things you want without contacts or glasses getting in your way. The long-term value far outweighs the short-term costs.

Most of us don’t realize how much we’re really spending per year on contacts and glasses. It doesn’t take long before the price you’re paying for insurance, exams, glasses, contacts, and solution start to catch up with the cost of LASIK:

  • Average annual cost of vision insurance: $125
  • Average cost of an annual exam: $125
  • Average annual cost of glasses: $200
  • Average annual cost of contact lenses: $250
  • Average annual cost of contact lens solution: $100

When you add this up, you’re spending about $800 a year on your vision. Fifty years from now, you’ll have spent $40,000 for clear vision. That’s not taking into consideration additional unexpected costs related to your vision as you age. When all is said and done, you could have paid for laser eye surgery for your extended family and still had money to spare.

LASIK and other procedures for laser eye surgery in Kansas City can put money back in your pocket, while also offering you freedom from discomfort, pain, irritation, and inconvenience you’ve been experiencing while wearing contact lenses and glasses.

What Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council (ARSC), the cost of LASIK is about the same as it was 10 years ago. However, considering inflation (and we’ve all considered inflation!) laser eye surgery near you is approximately 20% cheaper than it was a decade ago.

Forbes Health recently reported that SBK Advanced LASIK costs anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 for each eye, without considering special prices, deals, or other savings. When you go to a reputable facility dedicated to giving you the best results, the laser eye surgery price encompasses more than just the surgery itself.

At Durrie Vision, the price for laser vision correction always includes the corrections your eye requires for optimal vision. So whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, and/or have astigmatism, your LASIK price will not vary based on your particular prescription. We will never upcharge for prescription strength or tack on hidden fees.

We also utilize the most advanced laser technology with our procedures. Unlike many facilities, we have a variety of lasers to customize each procedure to the unique patient. However, just because you may require a different laser than someone else, it doesn’t mean we’re going to charge you more.

Beyond the surgery, our price for laser eye surgery in Kansas City includes:

  • Our signature, in-depth Advanced Ocular Analysis exam
  • Access to the most advanced combination of diagnostic and treatment technology available
  • A highly personalized experience, including one-on-one time with an experienced surgeon during your first visit
  • Post-operative appointments and follow-up visits for up to two years
  • Any necessary enhancements for up to two years

But What About Those Tempting “Discount” Laser Eye Surgery Facilities?

Driven by cost alone, you might be tempted to check out a “discount” LASIK business. We all want to find that good discount, but it’s also important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

You certainly don’t want to compromise the effectiveness of your procedure, so it’s important to do your research.

Here are some points to reflect on about facilities that offer “discount” LASIK:

  • Question why the price is so low (for example, those popular $250 per eye ads). Is this because they don’t have the most advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment technology?
  • Can this facility deliver the same precise results with little risk, like a highly qualified Kansas City laser eye surgery center?
  • Is the low price only for weak prescriptions, and that low base number is simply a starting point that will ultimately include add-ons, hidden fees, post-op appointments, and more?

Be sure you read the fine print, do your research, and even consider visiting a well-regarded facility for laser eye surgery near you. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the provider you choose and take care of your eyesight in a safe, effective way.

How to Save for Vision Correction

We’ve explained the value associated with the cost of laser eye surgery and described how you’ll save in the long run, but we understand that you may still need to save up before you schedule LASIK or another procedure.

  • Use your FSA or HSA: Laser vision correction procedures are approved expenses under most Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. By participating in an employer-sponsored FSA or HSA plan, you can set aside a portion of your pre-tax earnings each month for your vision correction procedure. This can save you significant money depending on your personal tax situation.

    FSA Fast Facts:

    • The FSA contribution limit is $3,200 in 2024.
    • An FSA must be sponsored by your employer. Self-employed individuals are not eligible.
    • An employee’s yearly FSA allocation is available on the first day of the plan year, regardless of contributions made to date.
    • Use it or lose it: Any money left in an FSA will be forfeited at the end of that year’s plan. However, some plans provide a short grace period that may allow you to carry over funds into the next year. Check with your employer to see if your plan allows for a grace period.

    HSA Fast Facts:

    • The 2024 contribution limit is $4,150 for individuals and $8,300 for families.
    • Those who are 55 and older can contribute an additional $1,000.
    • An HSA is only available to participants with a high-deductible health plan.
    • Funds allocated to an HSA become available as they are deposited into the account.
    • Unused funds roll over year to year, continuing to earn interest.
  • Finance with Durrie Vision: Durrie Vision provides additional options to help make laser eye surgery in Kansas City more accessible. Our financing offers include:
    • $0 down and 0% interest-deferred financing for up to 24 months.
    • Or you can pay $0 down with low monthly payments with a fixed interest rate for 60 months.
  • Add on a special promotion: Ask at your free consultation about any special promotions for LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures.

You can also pay by check or credit card to ensure you have as many options as possible to get laser eye surgery near you.

Schedule a Free Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

When you meet with us for your free consultation, you’ll discover even more benefits that are built into the affordable cost of laser eye surgery.

At Durrie Vision’s center for laser eye surgery in Kansas City, you won’t get a basic, one-size-fits-all consultation. In fact, our consultation process is so in-depth that it has its own name: Advanced Ocular Analysis (AOA).

During your AOA, we’ll go through a series of advanced diagnostic tests to determine which procedure will be the best option to reach your vision goals, including LASIK. From there, we can discuss cost and financing options.

Schedule your consultation today with Durrie Vision. Want to get started now? Try our online eligibility test and get instant results.