Why Is Laser Vision Correction in Overland Park Better Than Wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses?

woman trying on glasses

LASIK Surgery and Refractive Lens Exchange Can Restore Your Vision!

Sit on the sidelines no more, glasses wearers! Laser vision correction is a powerful option to restore your eyesight so you can participate in life more easily, with fewer inconveniences.

And while wanting to see better is a good enough reason for vision correction surgery, there are other benefits to abandoning your contact lenses or glasses that you may not have considered.

Perhaps one of these reasons why laser vision correction is better than traditional vision correction options will push you toward changing your life and scheduling an appointment with Durrie Vision.

You No Longer Need to Search for Your Glasses in the Middle of the Night

Do you need glasses in order to find your glasses? If you’re tired of patting your hand along your nightstand every time you need to get out of bed, or crawling around on the floor trying to find where they’ve fallen, you’ll want to learn more about laser vision correction.

Eyeglasses are helpful, but they’re also an inconvenience. After LASIK surgery or refractive lens exchange, you won’t need to rely on them. Are you ready for your last round of playing “Find My Glasses”? Then it’s time for an Advanced Ocular Analysis (AOA) at Durrie Vision in Overland Park, Kansas.

Participate in Hobbies and Activities You Previously Struggled With

Contact sports or activities requiring quick movements are a big no-no with eyeglasses. The risk of them falling off and getting broken is incredibly high. And if you’ve ever gone for a run in glasses, then you know the up-and-down movement of the lens is enough to make you nauseated!

Although contact lenses are far more convenient for these activities, they can still become displaced or fall out of your eye. And you can’t be effective on the field or court if you can only see out of one eye.

Laser vision correction also can help you enjoy more relaxing hobbies, like embroidery, knitting, or reading. With clearer vision without relying on reading glasses, you can see exactly what you’re doing, even if you previously struggled with near vision.

Laser Vision Correction Could Actually Save You Money Over Time

Although vision correction surgery isn’t covered by your insurance, you may find that the cost of laser vision correction is still less than you’d spend over the next several years on eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions, and all the accessories that come with them.

For example, if you get new eyeglasses every two years, and you spend about $400 out of pocket, in only a few years’ time, you could have paid for the cost of many types of laser vision correction at Durrie Vision. You can do the same math with contact lenses. How many years of contact lenses add up to LASIK surgery? Not many!

Be sure to include in your calculation the amount you’d spend on specialized lens cleaners – especially anti-fog wipes for days you wear a mask – or contact lens solution.

Finally, consider the amount of time you spend every day cleaning your eyeglasses, putting in and taking out your contact lenses, or doing other related activities? Time is money, and that means laser vision correction is more affordable than you think.

Don’t Worry About Breaking Your Glasses or Losing a Lens While Traveling

Eyeglasses and contact lens wearers fill up portions of their suitcases with all things necessary to see when they go on vacations. And with the current TSA limit of three-ounce liquid bottles in your carry-on, contact lenses are downright inconvenient!

When you’re on your trip, you have to worry about how you’ll get by should something happen to your traditional forms of vision correction. You pack a spare pair of eyeglasses, extra contact lenses, and hope that that will be adequate.

But if you’re backpacking through Europe or relaxing at an all-inclusive island resort, the last thing you want to dwell on is your vision. Laser vision correction frees up room in your luggage and frees you from vision-related anxiety.

You Can Wear Any Pair of Sunglasses You Like

When you rely on eyeglasses to see, you have to either wear clip-on shades that attach to your frames, or pay out-of-pocket for expensive prescription sunglasses. And because prescription glasses are so costly, it isn’t likely that you’ve purchased several pairs in various styles to match your favorite outfits.

Laser vision correction allows you to purchase any pair of sunglasses you’d like, from luxury brands to dollar store versions. On vacation and lost your sunnies in the ocean? The local drugstore has a pair for you. Strolling the cobblestone streets of Italy and want to fit in with the locals? An enormous pair of luxury sunglasses fit the bill.

Schedule an AOA at Durrie Vision to Find Out Whether You Qualify

For people looking to free themselves from eyeglasses and contacts, Durrie Vision offers several types of laser vision correction, including LASIK surgery, refractive lens exchange, and cataract surgery. Through an in-depth examination, the refractive surgeons at Durrie Vision will determine which treatment you qualify for based on your eye health, vision problems, and goals.

Make an appointment at Durrie Vision in Overland Park to start your journey toward better vision. Request a no-obligation consultation today to get started.