Dr. Durrie’s Patient Experience: Refractive Lens Exchange with the Light Adjustable Lens

Renowned Surgeon and Founder of Durrie Vision, Dr. Dan Durrie, Selects Light Adjustable Lens™ for His Procedure


Dr. Dan Durrie, retired surgeon and founder of Durrie Vision, dedicated his career to helping people improve their vision and enhance their quality of life. But after experiencing a decline in his own vision, Dr. Durrie returned to Durrie Vision – as a patient this time – for Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) under the care of Dr. Jason Stahl.

With over 50 years of experience within the field of eye surgery, Dr. Durrie knows one of the most important decisions that patients and their doctors must make during this process is selecting the right intraocular lens (IOL). So when it was time for his own procedure, the choice was clear: the Light Adjustable Lens™ (LAL®) from RxSight. An innovator at heart, Dr. Durrie selected this lens for its unique ability to provide a new level of precision and customization for patients: “This technology represents a major breakthrough in lens and cataract surgery. It’s exciting to see advancements that can improve patient outcomes and involvement in their own care.”

Watch the video on Dr. Durrie’s experience and then learn more about this exciting technology below.


What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is an FDA-approved intraocular lens that can be adjusted after it has been implanted in the eye. This means that your vision can be fine-tuned to your exact needs, even after the surgery has been completed.

How does it work?

The LAL contains a special material that changes its shape in response to UV light. After the lens is implanted in the eye, a UV light is used to adjust the shape of the lens, which changes the way that light is focused on the retina. This allows for precise customization of vision to suit your individual visual demands.

What are the benefits?

The LAL offers several benefits today’s patients desire:

  • Customization: The LAL can be adjusted to correct for any residual refractive errors, ensuring that your vision is as clear as possible.
  • Convenience: You won’t have to rely on glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision after the surgery.
  • Safety: The LAL has been extensively tested and is FDA-approved for use in cataract surgery.

As for Dr. Durrie? “I am thrilled with the results and grateful for the opportunity to experience this cutting-edge technology firsthand.”

Are you a candidate for LAL?

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