My Contacts Make My Allergies Worse. Will Vision Correction Surgery Help?

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Add Allergy Relief to Laser Vision Correction’s List of Benefits

If you have allergies and wear contacts, you know all about the ongoing search to find an effective combination of solutions, so you can feel comfortable and free of itchy eyes. At some point in this journey, however, allergy-sufferers realize that contacts are actually part of the problem.

Contacts simply make allergy symptoms worse. Whether your allergies are from pet dander, dust, seasonal allergies, like tree and grass pollen, or any other allergen that causes irritated, watery, itchy, and even painful eyes, your contacts add fuel to the fire.

However, there’s good news. You can eliminate the need for contacts with eye surgery to correct your vision. Durrie Vision, the leading team for laser vision correction near you, provides vision correction surgery that frees you up from the many discomforts caused by contacts, including your eye-related allergy symptoms.

Your Contacts Are a Pair of Allergy Culprits

Why do contacts make your allergies worse? It’s not hard to figure out: airborne allergies, including dander, dust, pollen, and more, stick to your lenses. That means that allergens are present in your eyes much longer than in those who don’t wear contacts for vision correction.

Contacts worsen certain allergy symptoms, like:

  • Eye irritation
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Burning eyes
  • Puffy eyelids
  • Tearing
  • Eye discharge
  • Visible blood vessels

Instead of your eye naturally batting out the intruding allergens, your contacts give them a place to settle and rest. Even if you’ve done your part by taking allergy medicine and using other remedies to reduce your symptoms, your contacts are working against you.

Those who wear contacts and want to combat allergies end up having to take extra precautions, including switching over to glasses during allergy season, using cool compresses, extra cleaning, and eye drops. Suddenly, contacts seem far less convenient.

Contacts are also a hotbed for more than just allergens. Wearing your contacts overnight or a lack of daily vigilance about your contact hygiene makes your eyes susceptible to bacterial infections, including pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis. Contacts may not be worth it when you have a solution at your disposal that gets rid of all these negatives: laser vision correction.

How Vision Correction Surgery Can Help

Eye surgery to correct your vision removes the need for contacts with a simple laser vision procedure. Here’s how it works at Durrie Vision:

  1. We invite you to our comfortable office for a free consultation.
  2. At your appointment, we use our comprehensive diagnostic technology to determine what procedure is best for your eyes and vision needs.
  3. After your consultation, we schedule you for your treatment, often within a week.
  4. Following a short procedure (typically 10 to 15 minutes) you’ll be able to get rid of contact lenses and the allergens that stick to them.

You’ll also notice even more benefits of getting rid of contact lenses:

  • Freedom from irritation, redness, and pain.
  • Not having to buy lenses and contact solution.
  • Enjoying swimming and other water activities.
  • No more risk of contact-related infection.
  • You can get rid of your backup glasses.

Durrie Vision, a highly rated provider of laser vision correction near you, loves to see our patients smile with relief and excitement as they realize what life looks like without their contacts. You won’t have to dread allergy season any longer, and a whole new way of life awaits you at all times of the year.

Get Rid of Contacts for Good. Start with a Free Vision Correction Surgery Consultation

Durrie Vision offers a free consultation to get you on the path toward clearer vision without contacts or frames. You may experience fewer uncomfortable allergy symptoms when you say goodbye to contacts. You’ll be free to enjoy a life that doesn’t include redness, irritation, itchiness, and pain.

You also get to say goodbye to the expenses associated with contacts and frames. If you’re curious about how to make the cost of LASIK work for you, try our savings calculator, which demonstrates the significant savings associated with eye surgery to correct your vision.

Durrie Vision’s team for laser vision correction keeps the savings coming by providing easy, manageable ways to cover the cost of laser vision surgery:

  • Special financing options
  • HSA and FSA benefits
  • Regular promotions and savings
  • Discounts for friends and family of Durrie Vision patients
  • Discounts for military and first responders
  • Savings for research participants (as needed)

Book a consultation with Durrie Vision’s team for laser vision correction near you. You’ll see your quality of life improve, including reducing allergy symptoms worsened by contacts.