Why SBK LASIK Makes Traveling Easier and More Fun

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Change Your Point of View on Travel with the Benefits of LASIK Surgery

If you’ve ever traveled with blurry eyesight because you didn’t want to wear your glasses, or if you had to go out-of-town without your contacts because you forgot them or your luggage was lost, you’re not alone. You’re one of the many who understand the frustrations of having to wear contacts or glasses while you travel.

Travelers who wear contacts and glasses have plenty of annoyances to deal with. You’ve likely missed out on fun recreational activities because of your glasses or contacts. Or maybe you wanted to make a good impression on a business trip, but you felt uncomfortable because of your outdated frames.

No matter your individual circumstances, the common denominator is this: glasses and contacts get in the way. While you’ve learned to cope with them during day-to-day life, ruining your vacation or limiting your ability to do business on the road is the final straw for many of our patients.

The whole point of travel is to escape from the grind and get an opportunity for new experiences where you can put your best foot forward. These benefits of travel won’t be yours if you’re squinting, dry-eyed, or hunting down contact solution in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Consider you kicking your lenses or contacts to the curb for good. SBK LASIK from Durrie Vision provides clearer vision without all the hassle, so you don’t have to miss out on making vacation memories or giving your best at that next out-of-town conference.

Say Goodbye to the Four Ps of Traveling with Glasses and Contacts

If you’ve already had at least one bad experience traveling with glasses or contacts, you may be thinking twice before spending money on a vacation again. Or you might be dreading the next time your boss says to mark your calendar for a business trip.

Traveling would be much better if you could see more clearly without having to think about glasses or contacts. However, there’s good news: an SBK LASIK procedure ensures that you can see more clearly without them. You won’t have to worry about your eyesight at all while traveling.

You can say goodbye to the four Ps, the biggest reasons why your glasses or contacts are ruining your travel.

Skip the process of putting your contacts in every morning and taking them out every night. Avoid the frantic, blurry search for your eyeglasses on the nightstand in an unfamiliar hotel room every morning.

When you get a SBK LASIK procedure, you can fully enjoy your vacation by waking up or heading to bed without added steps that take away from a carefree experience.

Whether you’re headed out of town for business, a much-needed vacation, or a friend’s wedding, packing your contacts and having to lug a travel-size bottle of solution in your carry-on is not how you want to travel. If you have glasses, you have to remember to pack a backup pair just in case the other pair gets broken or lost. And don’t forget to pack your prescription sunglasses – or giant over-the-counter ones that fit awkwardly on top of your glasses!

You wonder about how free and easy it would be to not have to worry about this anymore. One of the biggest benefits of LASIK surgery is that these worries will simply disappear.

Pain and Irritation
You wouldn’t be the first person with contacts who complained of irritation, dry eyes, red eyes, eye infections, and pain. While you might have tolerated these symptoms at home, they’re far more frustrating when you’re traveling. You may not have packed your eye drops to get rid of the discomfort, and now you’re trying to enjoy yourself while your eyes are bothering you.

It’s hard to see the sights when your contacts are dry, and your vision has gone blurry. However, you don’t have to experience these feelings any longer. SBK LASIK provides better vision without having to use contacts that cause pain and discomfort for many wearers.

One of the biggest challenges about wearing glasses is that you can’t simply get a new pair every time your prescription changes. You may need to wait to get a new pair until your insurance covers it. You end up living life with an outdated prescription, which can limit your focus and overall enjoyment of your surroundings. LASIK surgery offers clearer vision without annual upgrades.

LASIK surgery from Durrie Vision empowers you to regain the joy and simplicity of travel without having to worry about glasses or contacts getting in your way.

Fall In Love with Travel Again After SBK LASIK

You’ll no longer have to worry about whether your glasses go with your bridesmaid’s dress or having to tell your friends or family that you can’t go snorkeling because you can’t fit the mask over your glasses. You won’t want to call it an early night on vacation because your eyes are red and weary from contacts, and you’ll never have to think about fixing your crooked glasses before a big meeting.

An SBK LASIK procedure from Durrie Vision stops all the negative effects of wearing glasses and contacts. Instead, you’ll have clearer, better vision with no strings (or broken glasses, contact cases, sore eyes, and lost luggage) attached.

Get all the benefits of LASIK surgery when you schedule a consultation at Durrie Vision. You can also call us at (913) 491-3330. We look forward to transforming your travel life into an experience you always look forward to.