Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Laser Vision Correction Near Kansas City

man scheduling vision correction appointment on his phone

Schedule Your SBK LASIK Surgery or Refractive Cataract Surgery Before the Holidays

Any time is a good time for laser vision correction in Kansas City, but the winter season offers unique benefits that you can’t ignore.

If you’ve been considering a vision correction procedure, then now is the time to find out whether you’re a candidate so you can make an appointment for later this year or quickly after the new year begins. Check out these four reasons why you won’t want to wait until spring to start seeing better.

You Won’t Have to Contend with Summer Vacation

Although recovery time from most laser vision correction procedures is relatively short – a matter of a day or two – some patients will feel sensitive to sunlight for a few months. This is, in part, why we recommend always wearing sunglasses when outdoors.

Our patients also go home with care instructions involving moistening eye drops, which must be applied on a regular schedule, especially immediately following the procedure.

If you choose to undergo laser vision correction during the winter, you can save yourself the stress of securing a variety of sunglasses in advance of your trip and the worry about how you’ll be able to apply your preservative-free tear drops with clean hands while traipsing around the beach or a European city.

You Can Use Your Tax Refund to Fund Your Vision Correction Procedure

An important thing to remember is that vision insurance doesn’t usually cover these types of procedures, which means they are elective and self-funded.

If you’re someone who files your tax returns as soon as you receive your W2s, you could schedule a winter appointment for laser vision correction and use your tax refund to put toward your SBK LASIK surgery or refractive lens exchange.

If You Don’t Have Any PTO Left at Work, That’s OK!

Don’t worry about taking time off after your procedure. Recovery time for most procedures are relatively short, with many SBK LASIK surgery patients able to return to work the next day – although it depends on the procedure. And if you plan yours for a Friday, you could have the whole weekend to relax.

Even if you don’t have any PTO left through your employer, or if you’re saving it up to use during the holiday season, you can still get laser vision correction this winter without missing a day of work!

You Could Snag Great Deals on New Sunglasses

When you think of sunglasses, you probably think of summer, sitting poolside, or attending the kids’ athletic events. With peak sunglasses-buying time in the spring in anticipation of the warm weather, there’s a great chance you can snag a deal on a pair or two of sunglasses this winter.

After laser vision correction, you won’t need to splurge on prescription sunglasses, so you’re free to choose whatever pair you love and wear them out of the store.

And what better time to buy a stylish pair than during the holiday shopping season, when retailers are offering sales and promotional pricing on name brands and hot designers? You may even be able to get a couple designer pairs for the price of one – and then protect your eyes all year long without breaking your budget. Just be sure they offer UV ray protection.

The Advanced Ocular Analysis from Durrie Vision Ensures You’re a Candidate for Laser Vision Correction

To understand whether you’re a candidate for laser vision correction this winter, you’ll need to complete an advanced ocular analysis, or AOA, at Durrie Vision in Overland Park. This exam is an advanced combination of diagnostics that identifies which laser technology will work best for you.

The exam allows our technicians and refractive surgeon to visualize your cornea, lens density, retina, tear gland structure, and the tissue layers throughout your eye to determine whether you’re a candidate for one of our procedures, including SBK LASIK surgery, refractive lens exchange, or refractive cataract surgery. If you’re approved, our team will get you scheduled for your procedure.

Schedule an Exam at Durrie Vision in Overland Park, Kansas

This winter, find out if you’re a laser vision correction candidate by calling us at (913) 491-3330 or sending us a message on our website. As you wait for your AOA appointment day to arrive, you can complete an online self-assessment to find out which procedure may be right for you. Are you ready to get back in focus with help from Durrie Vision?