How to Pay for LASIK in Kansas City

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Your Guide to Making the Cost of LASIK Surgery Work for You

You’ve already explored the benefits of LASIK. You long for a life that’s free of contacts and glasses, as well as the many new activities and experiences you can enjoy without them.

However, the question that immediately follows is this: how will you pay for LASIK eye surgery? You need a budget-friendly approach to pay for your LASIK procedure and a provider you can trust.

Durrie Vision meets both of these needs. We have several payment strategies that make LASIK eye surgery affordable for your budget. As the leading Kansas City vision correction team, our procedures use the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, including SBK Advanced LASIK and more.

When you schedule with Durrie Vision, you get to experience savings and exceptional care. Keep reading to find out how to pay for LASIK at our Overland Park office.

Consider the Cost-Benefits of LASIK

An extremely helpful way to understand the cost of LASIK surgery is to consider your procedure’s long-term value.

By estimating the average cost of your eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and necessities like contact solution, you could end up spending approximately $800 on your eyes each year.

If you consider those expenditures over the course of 40 or more years, the average person spends tens of thousands of dollars on their eye care. The price of a LASIK procedure is minimal compared to those big numbers.

You can make an investment in your vision now and enjoy the benefits of LASIK eye surgery for many years without the irritations, discomfort, and expenses associated with eyewear and contacts.

Try our savings calculator to estimate the yearly cost of exams, glasses, and contacts for yourself.

Special Financing for LASIK

To reduce the cost of LASIK eye surgery, you have several options, beginning with Durrie Vision’s special financing. After your procedure, you can pay for your surgery over the course of 24 months.

  • Pay 0% interest during that two-year period.
  • No down payment is required.

Financing allows you to invest in the benefits of a LASIK procedure month to month, instead of taking on the cost of LASIK surgery all at once.

How to Use Your FSA and HSA Benefits for LASIK

Do you or your employer contribute to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)? Both of these accounts allow you to save up for LASIK eye surgery with pre-tax dollars. This means that you get to put untaxed money aside, paycheck after paycheck.

You can save a set amount of money much faster when it isn’t being eaten away by taxes, allowing you to get your LASIK procedure much sooner. If your employer contributes to your HSA or FSA, all the better, as you can potentially save their contributions and apply those to the cost of LASIK surgery.

Other benefits of using your HSA include:

  • Using your HSA to pay for a spouse or adult dependent child’s LASIK procedure.
  • Make monthly payments on your financed LASIK surgery using your HSA.
  • You can also save for LASIK over more than 12 months by rolling over the HSA amount you accumulated last year.

The benefits of saving for LASIK with your FSA include:

  • Using your FSA to pay for a spouse or child’s procedure.
  • Reimbursing yourself on your LASIK monthly payments with your FSA.
  • You can roll over up to $640 from last year’s FSA to build your 2024 FSA faster (you must make this election to roll funds over by March 15 and have a plan that qualifies you to do so).

Tap Savings and Discounts with Durrie Vision

Durrie Vision’s LASIK eye surgery team consistently offers savings, discounts, and promotions. Contact us to find out about any current savings opportunities.

The following discounts are always available:

  • Exclusive savings for a Durrie Vision patient’s immediate family members
  • 20% discount for active police, fire, and EMT professionals
  • 20% discount for active military
  • Savings for in-house clinical study participants

LASIK Is Within Reach: Schedule a Consultation at Durrie Vision

Durrie Vision offers several ways to get LASIK eye surgery from a superior provider, while saving money. Soon, you’ll be enjoying everything that a glasses-and-contacts-free life has to offer.

Our aim is to ensure you have options for the cost of LASIK surgery. When you visit our office, we can help you interpret your FSA and HSA benefits and walk you through our financing options and discounts. You’ll feel confident that you’re making a smart decision for your vision care.

Schedule a consultation for a LASIK procedure by booking with us online or calling (913) 491-3330.